Detailed engineering carried out using the latest CAE and CAD systems is the foundation which specifies how your project will be implemented later. It builds on the results of basic engineering and implements them in hardware and software engineering, system, construction and control cabinet engineering.
We carry out system engineering using different systems, such as EPLAN, COMOS PT, AUCOPLAN, SIGRAPH, AUTOCAD, PRODOK and others. These plans and lists are developed on modern CAE and CAD systems.

Circuit diagrams

Measurement and control loops

Terminal diagrams

Cable lists

Part lists

Material specification

Layout for switch rooms

Control cabinet layout

Control stand layout


Layout engineering (incl. ex)

Lighting engineering

Construction engineering and documentation

We have various systems which we use to ensure that your requirements and standards are met as far as possible.

•    AutoCad

•    WSCAD

•    Aucoplan

•    Ruplan

•    Planeds

•    Prodok

•    Comos PT

•    EPlan (PPE)

•    Inventor






As a specialist for process automation, we offer innovative, individual complete solutions from one source. They are tailor-made and without interfaces with a full range of services from pre-engineering to initial operation and from the measuring transducer to the control at company level.
We offer solutions for the following industries: chemicals, petro-chemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, food and drinks, paper and pulp, energy supply, mining and steel, water, sewerage and waste incineration.

We work with the following systems in the area of PLC technology:


Siemens S5

Siemens S7



B & R Austria


We can offer support with control systems on the following systems:


Siemens PCS7

Foxboro I/A


We implement all standard field and system bus technologies, as well as connections to existing systems or package units. We can also offer implementation of the following visualisation systems.

•    WinCC

•    WinCC Flexible

•    ProTool

•    In Touch

•    Fox-View


All of the applications which we create are subjected to a test (FAT) before initial operation, either at our facilities or at yours. It is also possible to carry out an additional test to simulate at least parts of your system using simulation software.

System design/layout

Function and flow plans

PLC software

Simulation software

Field/system bus technology 


External system link

Process visualisation

Recording of process data

Recipe management

IT connection

Recording of operational data

Database systems



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